Aura Spray 100ml - Holistica

Aura Spray 100ml - Holistica

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This is a delicious spray to use on yourself, your room & work areas to bring about a sense of peace, calm & protection from negativity. The careful mix of oils has been added to filtered water which is infused with a selection of crystals including black onyx. The properties of this stone are to enhance strength & protection & shield negative energies, it is grounding and helps to bring clarity. The spray has a careful mixture of; sage, grapefruit, lime, frankincense, neroli cypress, cinnamon and rosewood pure essential oils. This product has been infused with the Universal Energy of Reiki to enhance your experience.

To use; Shake well before use. Spray around yourself and the areas you wish to lift. Do not spray directly onto the face, or inhale. Avoid during pregnancy.

Sage; Encourages faith in self, generates energy, eliminates negativity, breathes positivity.

Grapefruit; Gives a lightness of sprit, revitalising & refreshing.

Lime; Eases emotional lethargy & mental exhaustion, supports inner clarity.

Frankincense; Brings peace & balance encouraging a meditative state. Rejuvenating & harmonizing.

Neroli; Calms the mind, encourages peace & harmony, is gentle, nurturing & comforting.

Cypress; A spiritual oil, helps to develop inner wisdom, strengthening, earthy & cantering.

Cinnamon; Can help with positivity helping feel more zest for life. Creative, energising, strengthening.

Rosewood; Lifts the mood bringing inner peace & harmony. Calming, supportive & nurturing.