Meet the people who make remaker

Alyssa Reed

Alyssa Reed is the General Manager at Remaker. She is a socially energetic individual who can often be found celebrating others' achievements and creative endeavours. Originally from Vermont, USA, she is a lover of nature and the outdoors. Alyssa  dabbles in creative projects such as paper making and woodwork, loves writing and receiving cards and is an enthusiastic and frequent user of the postal service. 

Ruth Love

Founder of Remaker Brand Ein Malig, Ruth transforms discarded billboards and truck curtains into useful bags, bins, boxes or anything else she can come up with, giving them new life in practical ways, and keeping them out of the landfill.

Liam Makawe

Liam is proud to be of Maori descent. As a father, an emerging fashion designer, Ta Moko artist with Whai Tohu and a community focused contributor, sustainability embedded within his practice is paramount to engage in the wider discussion surrounding not only the fashion industry but social global issues

Charlotte Greer

Founder of veto. Charlotte designs, and manufactures zero waste multipurpose. Having studied economics at university which shaped her approach to sustainable living. Having veto. products in the cupboard is all you need to make cleaning minimal, economic and practical no matter your lifestyle.

Stephanie Brooke

Founder of One Small Change & Brooke, Stephanie has been working in the sustainability field for years and is raising her family to be more conscious of the world around them. Understanding that sometimes changing the world is about making one small change at a time.

Jera Mae

Founder of Jera Mae Design, Jera is a graduate of the Creative Industries degree at Toiohomai Institute of technology, majoring in Fashion. Jera is practicing to be sustainable and ethical in her designs and all facets of life. She is passionate about challenging western civilisation ideals that are fabricated throughout our society while demanding gender, environmental and racial justice.

Sandra Landolt

Sandra is a kinetic artist and educationalist whose work has been shown in international exhibitions. She has a masters in sculpture and installation and a background in education. Sandra is passionate about creating safe and fun workshops to contribute to the community. Her workshops are designed for small and big humans from all walks of life to meet and make together.

Cath De Monchy

Founder of Precious Plastic Tauranga, a social enterprise based on the global open-source model of the same name, Cath is helping grow our local capacity to divert single use plastic currently going to landfill. The enterprise models a short-loop circular economy solution to a resource management issue; taking plastic lids from the community for shredding, melting and remaking into long-life products of value.

Vinnie Callister

A designer of systems and products, Vinnie facilitates waste minimisation at events, schools & offices with his company Waste Wizards. You can identify his unique bins which he creates with his trusty industrial sewing machine. Vinnie's design philosophy is based around the waste hierarchy, our circle of control and an overarching priority of wellbeing.