Our Story

Remaker is a social enterprise based in Tauranga New Zealand that seeks to redesign our
relationship with resources to create a sustainable community.

We believe that some of the biggest challenges in the modern lifestyle can be addressed through developing more sustainable ways of working, making and living. Sustainability is vital for our community’s mental health and well-being as well as our environment.

We started our journey in 2020 at Our Place, the shipping container complex in the centre of Tauranga, with a variety of hands-on workshops and events. Additionally, we had a small but dedicated team of creative Remakers who came together to share workspace, create products, teach their craft and experiment using materials from our whenua and industry offcuts to create saleable products. 

At the end of 2021, we opened our Sustainability Hub in the centre of Tauranga CBD. In this space, we promote learning and experimenting through egular workshops and opportunities for skill sharing and community connection.

We are not a recycling centre. We are a hub dedicated to promoting sustainable life choices which negate waste being created in the first place. In our workshops and making on site we place a strong emphasis on utilising materials that would normally be discarded or destined for landfill. We also create a space of belonging for all walks of life, who come together with the shared values of sustainability and creativity and to become part of a larger community.