Remaker houses skilled creatives who have a wealth of expertise. We want to continuously work with local businesses or brands to help reduce waste and create a sustainable community.

Sign of the Times

Ein malig is a Remaker-based brand started by Ruth Love. German for "uniques", Ein malig creates one of a kind, durable bags made from retired billboards, car seatbelts and bike tyre tubing destined for landfill.

These backpacks were a custom contract with Trustpower where their discarded billboards were made into unique backpacks for the trustpower team!

Sharp as a Needle

As lifelong knitter, when the opportunity for Alyssa Reed to make custom, sustainable knitting needles for Liam Patterns for their collaboration with Goe Knits Slow she couldn't resist.

These needles are made from reforested timber and hand-sanded into dowels by Alyssa.